Ana Guiulfo – Ana G

I met Ana in Miami through a mutual friend. We became very good friends since the beginning as we shared a very similar view on what is important in life, our values.

Sandra Montenegro – Montenegro Artprojects

When I was a teenager I wanted to be an ambassador and change Colombia’s perception in the world. Traveling abroad in the 80’s with a Colombian passport could turn into a nightmare.


Leah Kinsella

I met Leah at the University of Miami Coaching course. I immediately notice something special on her. Something that makes her touch the human soul as not many people can.


Carolin Mallmann – Haras Godiva

I met Carolin in Buenos Aires through my best friend. She happened to be her best friend in Buenos Aires, so definitely we already had a lot in common.


Alicia Sirkin – Sirkin Creative Living

I met Alicia at a lecture at the University of Miami. It will sound kind of strange but from the first moment we were introduced I knew we were going to be connected in some way.