Our mission is to empower women all over the world to become fluent in the language of personal finance.

  • We believe that money and personal finance affect many aspects of our lives: personal, professional, spiritual and emotional.
  • We believe that stress caused by money (whether too little, too much or too confusing) can be alleviated by basic knowledge and education.
  • We believe that education and understanding of personal finance is a great social, generational, and gender equalizer.

We know that women, in particular, lack even more financial education and knowledge than men.

There is a widespread and chronic lack of financial education, from elementary school onwards.

Personal finance is only taught at college level, when most young adults have already developed unhealthy financial habits.

Our aim is to end with this, through financial coaching/ classes  where students can book personalized lessons and learn from their own homes or preferred internet spot.  The beauty of the “one on one lesson”, or financial coaching,  is that you can customize it to whatever you need at the time you need it.  If you are interested in having a robust understanding of personal finance, you get it.  If you want to understand how your mortgage works, you get it.  In a  “one on one” you can ask as many questions as you want, really get to understand your subject.  We want you to feel complete with your knowledge and of course to come back for a second lesson!

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