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Emmy-winner Maity Interiano is currently an on-air talent and journalist for Univision Network’s No. 1 rated live national morning show, “Despierta América.” She is the creator and host of her personal travel blog,

May 2017, Maity was invited to be the Commencement speaker in her Alma Matter, Elon University in North Carolina and she actively participates in philanthropic events such as “Music Under the Stars” for Lighthouse Foundation for the Blind in Miami, FL.

In 2017, she reported live from Washington DC during the Presidential Inauguration, Holly Week from Seville, Spain and was nominated for People en Español’s magazine “25 Powerful Women”.

In 2016, Interiano reported from Rome during “Despierta América’s” Holy Week Special and the Canonization of Saint Mother Teresa. She also participated in Univision’s voter’s registration and election campaign, the Latin GRAMMYs, the “Rise up As One” concert on the USA/Mexico border, and TeletonUSA 2015 and 2016 Ruta de Solidaridad.

In addition, for the last seven years she has served as Univision’s red carpet correspondent for events like “Premios Juventud,” “Premio Lo Nuestro,” and the “Latin GRAMMY® Awards.” In 2015 she hosted the Rose Parade live from Pasadena, California, for which she won an Emmy Award.

Interiano was honored at the 2014 Televisa and Premios TV y Novelas Awards as “Mejor Conductora, Favorita del Publico” (Best Reporter and Fan Favorite). That same year, she was sent to Brazil as the traveling correspondent to cover the FIFA World Cup 2014 sporting event, and also produced and reported travel and lifestyle stories.

In 2012, she covered the Golden Globes, and in 2013 the Oscars. In 2011, she reported live from London the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Interiano has interviewed international celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Vin Diesel, Tony Bennett, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Sofia Vergara, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and Alejandro Fernández.

Maity graduate in 2007 of Elon University in North Carolina with a major in Broadcast Communications and in 2016 was invited to join the President’s Young Alumni Board. She is currently the President for the Hispanic/Latinx Alumni Chapter.

She is a member and alum of Univision’s Women Leadership Academy where she serves as co-chair of the Admissions Committee. She actively participates in education campaigns such as “Es El Momento,” has served as guest speaker at events and on panels nationwide and in Honduras, and was named as one of Elon Univeristy’s “Top 10 under 10.”

What early life events have influenced your view of wealth?

I grew up in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in a household were both my parents worked to provide my brothers and I the best education possible. We lived a modest life, no luxury but an abundance of love and respect. I didn’t get to travel to the United States until my teenage years and Europe until I graduated college and was already working. From an early age I was able to learn first hand, how to prioritize were and how you spend your money.

What role does work play in your life?

Work is very important, and essential in my life. I am very blessed to do what I love to do the most: travel, tell stories and report on events and news from the places that they are happening. I always dreamed of being a journalist and having the responsibility to tell stories and inspire and inform others.

If you could solve any problem, what would it be?

Illiteracy in my home country of Honduras. I find it heartbreaking to know that many children don’t have the opportunity to receive proper education and learn to read and write. I truly believe that education is essential in every human being’s life.

What have been non-financial influences on your efforts to build wealth?

My parents. They have been the best example when it comes to prioritizing how and were you spend your money. They have also taught me and helped me understand that the important things in life such as happiness, health, time, love, and trust can’t be bought.

What do you most enjoy in terms of spending?

Traveling and investing in new experiences where I get to meet new people and cultures. I’m also very grateful that I can invest in a scholarship for a very special person in my life, 16 year old Isaac, an aspiring violinist from Fundacion Amor y Vida in Honduras. Every now and then, I enjoy investing in a good pair of shoes!

What can money not buy?

Time, true love, happiness.

What defines someone else as wealthy?

The ability to give back not because you have plenty or an abundance of, but because you genuinely want to share with others.

My wealth makes me feel…….

Grateful and blessed.

What does wealth give you the freedom to do?

To travel, discover new places, to have the ability to buy myself things that I only dreamed of when I was a girl, and to financially help my family when needed.



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