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The Confessions series is designed to introduce a successful woman. Regardless of her age, race, religion, class, ethnicity, or wealth; just a successful woman with her own definition of success. From a young entrepreneur to a mature woman with a blissful career, all of them are role models.



I was raised in a little town in the Swiss alps. Being brought up in a multi language country I speak fluently 4 languages. I study management and finance in Switzerland and did some additional degree at the INSEAD in Fontainebleau and Singapore.

Worked 12 years at a big swiss corporate bank in the wealth management area in Switzerland, Miami and Peru.

In 2004 I joined as partner a small family office.

Being always passionated by fashion I became as well partner of a luxury handbag and accessory brand in 2015. After some issues with my partner we separated and I rebranded the company under the name THE COLLECTOR, Geneva.


What early life events have influenced your view of wealth?

I come from a Swiss middle class family and my parents where always careful on spending their money. I always loved nice things and I decided that if I wanted to get the style of life I was dreaming of I will have to find my own way. When I was around 12 years old the Swatch watches were very collectable and I was buying rare models and selling them back with good margin.

What role does work play in your life?

I have been always a very active person with high motivation and ambition. I was lucky and had easy grade at school and being a Swiss citizen at the gold era of the Swiss bank industry I decided to go on a finance career and then went more entrepreneurial. I always thought it is very important to fulfill your passion and be independent financially. My mother always motivated me to be independent.

If you could solve any problem, what would it be?

Improve the education of the poor people. Without education too many issues arise from basic hygiene to basic needs.

What have been non-financial influences on your efforts to build wealth?

Passion and meeting very interesting motivating persons.

What do you most enjoy in terms of spending?

Art and clothes. Art feeds my soul and makes me dream and I love fashion and feel so great while I am wearing special clothes.

What can money not buy?

Love and health.

What defines someone else as wealthy?

It is not how much money you have in your account but rather how happy and fulfilled you are, with your life, with your family and your passions.

My wealth makes me feel……

Safe and give me Freedom.

What part has your gender played in the development of your wealth?

Women are more patient, focus and cautious while taking important decisions.

Furthermore women use more psychology in taking decision.

What does wealth give you the freedom to do?

Improve my education and awareness by travelling to the most exotic and remoted places. Enjoy to go to art fairs and assist to high end cultural events and above all manage my Time.

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