The Confessions series is designed to introduce a successful woman. Regardless of her age, race, religion, class, ethnicity, or wealth; just a successful woman with her own definition of success. From a young entrepreneur to a mature woman with a blissful career, all of them are role models.

Corina left communist Romania when she was 18, and learned jewellery design from the ground up. Her creations have been worn by Elton John, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham.

What early life events have influenced your view of wealth?

I was born and spent my youth in a communist nation : Romania.
In such circumstances you own nothing and your future is limited to
the boarders of your native country. After the Revolution we all had
an inextingible thirst for discovering the world. I would however never
imagined that I could have created Stefere as a world renowned brand

What role does work play in your life?

Oddly enough a minor one although I spend most of my time
working. Indeed my life is designed around and devoted to my family,
my son Alex, my husband, mother and sister.
I need them around me to keep my feet on the ground and maintain
the right balance. Nothing I do or have done would be or has been
possible without them.
This being said I know no woman who does not dream to design jewels.

If you could solve any problem, what would it be?

The main problem is education. Thanks to education you can expect
to solve many problems such as peace, health, nutrition.

What have been non-financial influences on your efforts to build wealth?

Whatever you do for the sole the purpose of building wealth is doomed tofailure. Passion is indeed the key to any success, although success does notobviously mean money. I consider myself very fortunate to have turnedmy passion for jewels into a job.

What do you most enjoy in terms of spending?

Access to the inaccessible !

What can money not buy?

Time of course !

What defines someone else as wealthy?

Someone whose lifestyle meets expectations.

My wealth makes me feel ………

Freer than poverty !

What part has your gender played in the development of your wealth?

100% feminine ! Imagination, creativity, serious and hard work, honest,  consistency, assiduity

What does wealth give you the freedom to do?

To turn down undesirable proposals and… people !


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