We grow with movies, we become adults with movies, so why don’t use them as a way of communicating difficult issues with our loves ones.  Specially for difficult subjects as money and wealth.

I love movies, any kind, from French classics, mind blowing Japanese films, obscure Korean ones, to Keanu Reeves’ John Wick .  But I really love those movies that made me feel not only amused but enriched.

As finances and human behavior are my favorite subjects, I really enjoy those with a “lesson” on these topics.

I will like to share a few with you.  I believe is a great way of introducing a financial subject to your kids or your partner.  Just take the story as an example and make it yours and see how you will act under that situation.

Born Rich:  Born Rich is a documentary by film maker Jamie Johnson.

Do you recognize the name?  He is not a super well known movie person.  But he happens to be a member of the Johnson family (Johnson and Johnson), and consequently a “born rich” kid.  Jamie made something remarkable. He explores what really means to be born rich.  He interviews several friends who are inheritors of great fortunes.  If you watch carefully you will clearly identify those who feel entitled to the money, those who feel some guilt, those who do not really care, and those who just want to have fun.   It is a very interesting documentary, not only for those “born rich” but for anybody who want to know what a difference can make in a child the way he or she is raised.  Also from Jamie Johnson, there is a second documentary worth watching “The 1 Percent”  Born Rich The 1 Percent

Blue Jazmin:  In this Woody Allen film, Cate Blanchett gives life to Jazmin, a woman married into wealth, or what she believes is wealth.

In the film, you can see her lavish lifestyle and complete lack of knowledge of what is going own in her family life, with her partner, and with “their wealth”.  This movie is an excellent example that women should be aware of what goes on with the family finances, regardless of their income level.  It is a film that presents a drama in a comic way, but it is a drama.  When Jazmin realizes her real situation, the drama starts.  Regretfully this is not “only in the movies” situation.  We have seen dramas like this in more than one occasion in real life.  Women should be aware of their wealth or lack of wealth, and take control of it.  You can read our post on “I said yes…now what” to have some ideas of issues to know when you get into a marriage.  Blue Jazmin Trailer


The Descendants:  This is a favorite of mine not only because is filmed in Hawaii, one of my favorite places, but also there are so many lessons to learn!

In the film, George Clooney, plays a father whose wife has an almost fatal accident and is at the hospital.  Suddenly, he needs to take care of her, their two daughters, and the problems that arise.  Moreover, he is the trustee of the family wealth.  He happens to be a descendant of a Hawaiian princess.  He and his family own expensive land.  He has the most difficult job in the family, to take the final decision on the inheritance.  There is a lot to talk about in this film.  You learn about the importance of living wills, of raising kids with money, of not showing off your money, that money doesn’t solve every problem in life, that a trustee is not there to solve family problems but to be a steward of the family legacy.  A truly remarkable film from a family dynamics perspective.   You can read our blogs  “When the unexpected happens” and “To Trust or not to Trust”  The Descendants Trailer


Captain Fantastic:  I loved this little film where Vigo Mortensen plays the main character.  He is a father who has decided to raise his kids in complete isolation from the modern world.

Is a movie, so it is extreme.  However, you learn how important is to go back to basics with kids and don’t lose their time in things which do not add much to them as individuals.  Is an amazingly made film and really gives you food for thought.  You can read our posts “Raising Financially Fit Kids”Raising Financially Fit Kids and  Storytelling and Money to get more ideas on topics to discuss with your children. Captain Fantastic Trailer

Intolerable CrueltyI was not sure of including this one but is a comedy and who doesn’t like a comedy with George Clooney on it.
Besides is a funny way of introducing the concept of a pre-nuptial agreement to your children (16 and above).

George Clooney plays a lawyer with a reputation of never losing a divorce case and having the best pre-nuptial agreement contract for his clients.  Until he meets Katherine Zeta Jones and then you see what could happen once you are in love.  Perfect example of what we talked about on the Prenuptial Agreements post Will you still love me, talk about it before your kids are in love.  You can easily use this film as an icebreaker to talk about the subject with your children. Intolerable Cruelty

The Longest Week: I found this movie on Netflix and even though the critics were extremely negative I watched it just because of Billy Crudup, whom I consider one of the best character actors nowadays.  

To my surprise I loved the movie.  Is not a movie for everyone.  The movie tells the story of a guy in his forties (Jason Bateman) who still behaves as an adolescent basically because he can afford to.  He comes from an extremely wealthy family.  For somebody on my line of business, among the funny jokes and utopian scenes, I can see the “entitlement” problem so frequently found in kids raised with money.  Once again is not a film for everybody, but for those with this particular situation to deal with is eye opening. The Longest Week Trailer


See you in the movies!!!!

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