The Confessions series is designed to introduce a successful woman. Regardless of her age, race, religion, class, ethnicity, or wealth; just a successful woman with her own definition of success. From a young entrepreneur to a mature woman with a blissful career, all of them are role models.

Paula is the founder of Bra Agency. Bra believes that nowadays brands’ advertising is divorced from real women.  Women have a complicity that is difficult to be shown in advertising  when only men are in charge of it.

She is sure that advertising as is shown today, is built according to the male mentality: stereotypes of happy mothers, housewives, or femme fatales. This has nothing to do with reality.  She has the urgency of changing the media message and not perpetuating the model.

Her conclusions are based on the premise that women have enormous power in the decision and in negotiating every purchase. But she goes further, because in this strategy, she sees a way to change the forms of leadership. She believes the advertising industry needs to create meeting spaces for sharing, discussing and collaborating to choose exactly what women want for their lives.

She focuses on consumers, because according to the data available in the United States for example, women decide 9 out of 10 dollars spent. She defines Bra as a”curators brand” : within the advertising pollution, cure is to cut, focus and decide what is the best story for each brand

What early life events have influenced your view of wealth?

I think that probably having been the only child of a marriage of very hard workers, had a very positive influence on me. I grew up disregarding the possibility that somebody could do something for me, very conscious of the significance of self-management, of the value of having your own things and knowing that somehow freedom comes with money. My mother was my point of reference, even now that she is no longer with me, a light in that sense. She always used to tell me that “regardless of what I did, I should not depend on anyone,” and even though at some point in my life that phrase was a heavy burden on my shoulders, I thank her for it today.

What role does work play in your life?

Basically, everything. Since I can remember I have worked on the profound detection of my own desires. To me work is doing what I came here to do, which in my case means expanding relevant messages to my women audiences. I always tried to dive into this thing of “Do what you love and will never work another day in your life”. And it was worth it. I am a happy workaholic.

If you could solve any problem, what would it be?

I think that all the problems of the world, those great problems that worry us, have the same root: greed and excess for excess itself. Hunger, climate change… they are all consequences of how unbalanced everything is. Replying to your question, I would deactivate humankind’s greed.

What have been non-financial influences on your efforts to build wealth?

I think the answer to your question is one word: Mentorship. I think that women have to support each other and, in that regard, I am blessed. From my mother that passed away working without stop to my first boss Ana Torrejón that marked my publishing road and the significance of having your point of view and back it, and my partner, Flor, my friends, Roxy Corla with all her generosity, Caro Banfi and each woman that inspired me to believe in me more and more every time. I’m deeply thankful to all of them.

What do you enjoy the most in terms of spending?

As years went by, I have reconsidered my expenses and realized that I need less and less. I have become more austere. I can tell you that what I enjoy the most is traveling, regardless of whether it is alone, with friends, for work, or for love.

What can money not buy?

Love, it simply happens or not.

What defines someone else as wealthy? (meaning total wealth, not only financial)

To me wealthy is a balanced person who has found her place in the word. That non-spatial space is that where you go in and you can feel welfare, warmth, health and harmony. And that is built with the years, relationships, wise decisions, and also mistakes.

My financial wealth makes me feel ……

My financial wealth makes me feel that I am free to make my own decisions. It makes me feel that I have the structure to support myself and it lets me project onto the future.

What part has your gender played in the development of your wealth?

I have the feeling that gender continues being an issue in the career plan of every woman with a desire to grow professionally. You have to make concessions, organize the time factor, which is finite, and distribute it;among many things. Generally women tend to mix emotions with professional life and that has a price, until you find the perfect balance between work and life.

What does wealth give you the freedom to do?

The freedom to build the life I dreamed of and exceed it

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