The Confessions series is designed to introduce a successful woman. Regardless of her age, race, religion, class, ethnicity, or wealth; just a successful woman with her own definition of success. From a young entrepreneur to a mature woman with a blissful career, all of them are role models.

I have known Sandra all my life.  She is one of my best friends, a dedicated mother and wife, and a smart entrepreneur.  Her ability to recognize the business changes and  to adapt her company accordingly is outstanding.  Self confidence and lack of fear is what has made her thrive in a very competitive market.

In her words:

My mother and I started this business , when I had my first child. I realized that my priorities made a 360 degrees turnaround and that I wanted to be able to manage my time as I pleased. So I quit my banking job and we started Letts Dreams
The idea came after noticing  a lack of really nice, classic pajamas in the market. We identified a niche.  Being Peruvian and having access to Peru’s amazing Pima cotton, positioning ourselves as a luxury but affordable sleepwear line was and continues to be  our goal.


What early life events have influenced your view of wealth?

During my childhood  a leftist de facto government ruled my country.  The  limited our freedom. For me wealth is being free to accomplish your goals.

What role does work play in your life?

It is an essential part of my life, I love what I do!

If you could solve any problem, what would it be?

In my business, the high shipping costs which makes it hard to reach everybody.

What have been non-financial influences on your efforts to build wealth?

The challenge of creating.

What do you most enjoy in terms of spending?


What can money not buy?


What defines someone else as wealthy?


My wealth makes me feel….

What part has your gender played in the development of your wealth?
A great part, as a mother I understand the needs of children and parents in terms of sleepwear, this has been key to our success.

What does wealth give you the freedom to do?
Manage my time creating life experiences that my children will keep forever.

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